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Abigail "Abby" Carpio

Abby is from Fort Lauderdale, Fl and moved up to Gainesville in 2014 to attend school at Santa Fe College. Her plan is to transfer to UF and eventually go on the veterinary school. She has been a technician at Archer Animal Hospital since June 2016. In her free time, she has a passion for music, cars, and going to Disney World. She has two kitties named Moo-Cow and Pablo and a lovable German Shepherd named Bear.‚Äč

Ashley Montoya

Ashley grew up in Miami, Florida and moved to Gainesville to go to school. Although she is currently finishing her AA at Santa Fe College, she is planning on transferring to UF in the Spring 2018, in hopes of becoming a veterinarian. She has been a technician at Archer Animal Hospital since May 2016. She enjoys spending her weekends at Disney World, going to the beach, and doing all things girly. She has a spoiled rotten Maltese named Tiffany who follows her around everywhere.

Brooke Simone

Bryanna Braddock

Bryanna has been a technician at Archer Animal Hospital since August 2016. She was born and raised in the Gainesville area and has always had a passion for animals. She is currently studying Animal Sciences at Santa Fe College and hopes to transfer to UF in the near future to finish her Bachelors. Her ultimate goal is to go to vet school. She loves to go hunting, horseback riding, and to hang out with her family and old dog Max.

Bryce Thompson

Bryce is originally from Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  He moved to Gainesville for college, and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Journalism and Communications at University of Florida.  Bryce one day will become a wildlife journalist in hopes to produce his own wildlife TV show.  Bryce has been working with us at Archer Animal Hospital and Gainesville Animal Hospital East & West since December 2016. With his spare time, Bryce enjoys going to Florida's natural springs, attending Florida's baseball games and hanging out with family and friends. Bryce's favorite TV show was Spartacus, but any other action TV or Movie will do.

Corbin "Corey" Brown

Courtney Phongsavath

Courtney joined the Archer Animal Hospital team as a technician in January 2017. She is from Melbourne Beach, FL and moved to Gainesville in 2015 to pursue her Bachelor's at the University of Florida. She is an Animal Biology major and Entomology and Nematology minor. In the future, Courtney would like to pursue a career as a small animal veterinarian and practice minimally invasive surgical procedures. She has two dogs: Bella and Tofu, and a rabbit named Bunny (who was too wiggly to be present in her photo). In her spare time, Courtney enjoys painting, playing soccer, cooking, hiking, and catching insects. 

Emily Gonzalez

Madison Vetter

Marissa Fountain 

 Hi, I'm Marissa! I am a senior at Santa Fe High School and a part of the vet assisting program. My plan is to focus on Dermatology and Veterinary Medicine. I have many animals including my dogs (Charlie and Fletcher), cats (Kandy and Kaine), African Grey Parrot (Amenta), and my Betta Fish (Timmy).

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Victoria Kidder

Victoria is from Gulfport, FL where she grew up with four brothers, dogs, chickens and a cat. She moved to Gainesville to pursue her Bachelor's degree in Animal Science at the University of Florida. She hopes to attend veterinary school upon graduation.

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